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bond with the local, share with the global

We are in the heart of Bermondsey, a young, hip and vibrant area in Southeast London, famous for its excellent craft beers. We source our fantastic products locally, supporting our community and being more sustainable, while we reach out to the world through our books. Morocco Bound combines the best of crafted & local with arts & global and takes us to a world beyond. 

Every journey begins with a single step
- Maya Angelou

Buying local helps the 
neighbourhood thrive and cuts greenhouse gasses.

Bermondsey is now a lively cosmopolitan quarter. Thirty years ago, Bermondsey was empty and neglected, and the traditional industries were gone.  Parts of its renaissance has been the Bermondsey Beer Mile, a unique collection of small craft breweries that are like pearls under the railways' lines. We are here to gather them in one place for you to enjoy and celebrate with us.



cultural offer & a


We are absolutely passionate about great literature and supporting our own locality. Besides a superb curation of books, we supply the best of South London’s craft beers and support local providers of exquisite gins, wines, fresh artisan bread, olive oil and delicious coffee. Our products are part of a bigger cultural offer that includes our book club, a poetry platform and a craft beer tasting club, all currently happening online. We thrive by nurturing a sense of community and local support while we share remarkable experiences with global artists. 

Our task - and the task of all education - is to understand the present world, the world in which we live and make our choices
E F Schumacher

Along the day, we perform different rituals that demand specific drinks. We all engage with and cherish them daily - the comforting pleasure of a hot drink in the morning, even better with fresh, warm bread; the joy of excellent wine over a meal, the laid-back spirit we enter after a shot of great gin. Each ritual is special for allowing us a pause to enjoy ourselves. 

socially distant


We love our suppliers! Luca's fresh sourdough bread and extra-virgin olive oil are a dream, Bruno's artisan wines are fantastic, Old Spike’s social enterprise coffee is delicious, and Jensen's Bermondsey gin is the best. But don't worry - following social distancing rules, we have adopted a safe, easy and contact-free way to shop. Stop by the store (we're always happy to see you!), and just grab, tap & go. Alternatively, you can order your products online, and we get your bag done for next day collection; if you're in the area, we have a bike delivery system   

There is always safety in valour
- Ralf Waldo Emerson

Building on the base of our successful poetry evenings we will stage online poetry slams and festivals. This will be free with donations to the poets and online sale of their work.

morocco bound


Our producers are aligned with our philosophy of living well and thinking globally. Become a Morocco Bound Friend and be the first to know about our great beer and books, online clubs, new arrivals and hot deals. Let's bond with the local and share with the global.  

One planet. One life. Let's do it well. 

If you want to make an apple pie from scratch,
you must first create the universe  
- Carl Sagan

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