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Support Local This Christmas!

There’s a reason you won’t find C*ca C*la or St*lla Art*is in our fridges…

Everything we stock is local, meaning we know exactly who makes or imports (wine) the stock - AND it tastes nicer. Pause before you buoy up the profits of Amazon or Waterstones any further, consider where your money is going this Christmas and support local!

Unusual Booze(ual)

G&T lovers are well catered for in Bermondsey, with both Jensen's gin and Bermondsey Mixer Co. literally down the road from us - in fact, in opposite directions, making us their perfect meeting place. If you haven’t tried mead before, it’s about time you did. Gosnells offer a range of flavours - editor’s favourite (and, in her opinion, the least controversial option) is hopped, the green one.

Wine Time

Above is the editor’s pick from our grande sélection of French wines: a Chardonnay, a light gamay (tip: chill for 10 mins before tucking in) and an intense, darker red perfect for dinners when it’s freezin’ outside. Or go for English wine from Balfour in Kent: a suitably boujee present for your boozey family members.

For the Sober Crew

Little known fact: we stock a variety of soft drinks too! Our current bestseller is Brew By Numbers' CBD soda - tasty AND relaxing. What could be sweeter than giving someone a complete kit from @brewteaco ? True story: editor gave a grandmother one of these built-in-strainer teapots for Xmas 2021 and it has been used everyday since #yourewelcome

Merry Christmas folks x


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