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The Orchard Project

Transforming Food Waste into Community-made Cider and Juice

We choose our products carefully according to three criteria - it has to be local, to cause positive change either socially or environmentally, and it has to be great! Our Local Fox Cider is an excellent example of our aims, as communities make it from apples that are harvest by or donated to the Orchard Project Charity.

Their work is so laudable: they plant new orchards, restore veteran ones, create wildlife habitats, train and educate volunteers and schools around England and Scotland, helping students to connect with nature and learn more about where their food comes from.

Their goal is that every household has a community orchard at walking distance, offering people free and healthy food and contributing to a more sustainable food system. And all the profits go directly toward community orchard projects! Our choice for the Local Fox Cider is indeed very special, isn't it?

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