The Other Things

With the discovery of a fossil on Mars, the frustrated American President decides to do something big for humanity and orders the first human-crewed mission to the planet. There is one crucial problem: the weight of any ordinary crew would be too high for the rocket to return home. Maverick scientist Ford Harris proposes a bold new idea – replacing the adult crew with a group of gifted children.
An exciting and fascinating story, featuring beautiful illustrations and informative scientific notes, The Other Things explores our sense of wonder. Are we alone in the universe? How do we make our existence count? And what could still be possible for humankind?


From Bermondsey to  Zimbabwe

and then the world

Since the publication of The Other Things in 2019, the novel has also taken author Jonathan Dransfield on an amazing journey. Following its feature at the Grand Designs Exhibition at Excel London in May 2019, Dransfield opened our bookshop in his office in September, and he was invited to the Harare Lit Fest and toured Zimbabwe with a band of poets in November. The novel is not only a best seller Bermondsey and Bulawayo but had had some incredible international reviews. The bookshop has also become a beacon for promoting local produce and lively poetry and literary platform, both at home and online. Dransfield has now begun his eagerly awaited sequel novel, so there is more to come.

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The Other Things launch in Montgenèvre, France

Readers love it

and there will be more!

"The author’s knowledge and

interest in science is evident

throughout, he uses this knowledge to show the reader the magic in life"  

 "This is a brilliant (political?) sci-fi story that takes you in headfirst in the first chapter" 

"An intriguing mixture of fact and fiction interwoven with personal stories of those involved. Clearly leaves
room for a sequel which I would purchase"

"The book is so well-plotted and told, involving a great cast of interesting and generally appealing characters. There are jokes, informative  explanations of scientific matters, and thoughtful consideration of ethical and moral issues."


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