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Jonathan & Kathy

An architect and former GP respectively, this pair are the patrons of Morocco Bound. Ever the practical designer, Jonathan built our bamboo bookshelves by hand, and Kathy sewed cushions for our chairs. Their other hobbies include camping and chillin' out with a beer (convenient).

It was after writing his book, The Other Things, that Jonathan decided to open a bookshop (in which to flog it). J&K have an adorable spaniel named Fingal who also likes hanging out at MB.


Cal studied English Literature and Philosophy at Sussex before joining MB in September 2021.

Cal is the manager and director of live music and events. Has been known to play a few them himself, with his punk-folk band Flounder. Ask him to put on some Irish folk next time you pop by. It will make him very happy.

Cal's other hobbies include playing snooker, drinking cider and eating kebabs (usually in that order, of an eve).


Our actor extraordinaire! Could you guess from her bubbly personality that Jesse is a theatre girl through and through? Not only acting but also producing number of different play! Jesses playlists always slap and her holy trinity is Morleys, Peckham and Pints.


Resident "cool kid" Anouska works most of our gigs, helps book in acts at MB and create our insta and in house graphics. Originally from Kent, Anouska moved to London to study Fine Art in Camberwell. She is now making big waves in the South London music scene with her band Honeyglaze!


 A talented poet, improv actor and general sweetheart, Beth is our pub quiz queen. Beth is another English Literature graduate.

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