Jonathan & Kathy

An author/architect and former GP respectively, this pair are the patrons of Morocco Bound. Ever the practical designer, Jonathan built our bamboo bookshelves by hand, and Kathy sewed cushions for our chairs. Their other hobbies include camping and chillin' out with a beer (convenient).

It was after writing his book, The Other Things, that Jonathan decided to open a bookshop (in which to flog it x). J&K have an adorable spaniel named Fingal who also likes hanging out at MB.

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Frankie joined MB in Jan 2022, bringing creative writing workshops, beautiful film photography and tonnes of energy in her wake.

Frankie studied literature at Sussex, and spent a Covid-curtailed year abroad in NYC, where she is hoping to return to do a Master's one day (don't go yet please Frankie).

She is also Education & Engagement Coordinator at Be Inclusive Hospitality. In her free time she runs a Depop selling second hand clothes and recently took up pole dancing, which she loves.



Lucy took over MB in March 2020, and managed to keep it going throughout its various Covid-dictated regenerations. As an avid reader, English lit grad and all-round NERD, she has played a particularly valuable part in curating our book selection. She conceptualised the MBR as a way to exchange thoughts between MB frequenters.

Lucy now works full time as Editor of Mace Magazine, but still manages to squeeze in co-hosting book club once a month.

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Elsa spent the first half of 2021 finishing her degree in Bristol and editing the Morocco Bound Review during her spare time... purely for the thrill of correcting other people's grammar. In July she appeared at the shop IRL and started bossing everyone around. Now she manages the team and admin, runs Morokino, our literary events, co-hosts book club and writes descriptions of herself in third person.

She's interested in languages, music, writing, and marriage, if you can offer her an EU passport.



Trilby knows a heck load about beer and thoughtfully chooses our selection to showcase the best of our local breweries. A pony of many tricks, they have also been expanding our bookshelves to include more literature from the global South and organised a talk with the Algerian artist Houria Niati.

Alongside all this, they study politics and international relations, and run Brainscan mag - a critical zine from postcolonial, marxist and intersectional perspectives.



Cal studied English Literature and Philosophy at Sussex before joining MB in September 2021.

As well as starting poetry open mics and quiz nights, Cal runs most of our gigs and even plays them himself occasionally, with his punk-folk band Flounder. Ask him to play you some Irish folk next time you pop by. It will make him very happy.

Cal's other hobbies include reading; writing articles about music and books; playing snooker; drinking cider; and eating kebabs (usually in that order, of an eve).

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Behind closed doors, Jo has been involved with MB affairs for over a year. Self-taught at inDesign (no mean feat), she is visual director of MBR and responsible for its beautiful design. Jo has many a string to her bow: she studied religion at SOAS, worked as a barista at the Tate Modern and just spent a year in Lyon teaching English. 

Jo’s artistic temperament has burst forth in various forms over time. She has done dance, knitting, painting, life drawing, modelling and used to play the clarinet (we're hoping she’ll come out of retirement one jazz night). 



Joe has been at Morocco Bound since September 2020, having studied jazz saxophone at Trinity. He now performs for us on the first and third Thursday of every month alongside a range of other talented jazz musicians.
Alongside MBing, Joe teaches sax and is doing a Masters in law, intending to go into the ecology sector (he is a certified vegan).