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Five of the Best Gigs at MB

One of the best things about working at Morocco Bound has been getting to hear incredible music from some of the best artists active in London at the moment.

There are so many more I would like to include, but in the interest of readability, here are my top five, based, unscientifically, on my personal taste. Have a gander through the playlist here, follow them all on social media and keep an eye out for when they next perform at MB!

#1 Zurito

For fans of: flamenco, rumba

The energy packed into a Zurito performance is unparalleled. Frontman Javi channels his whole being into his guitar; expect hair whips, sweat and the undeniable urge to dance.

They've been touring Japan but are back and playing at Effra Tavern on 21st June.

#2 Inês Loubet & Peu Jamisson

For fans of: jazz, Brazilian music

I'm sneaking in a double whammy, as this evening began with a set by Peu Jamisson (aka Peu Meurray) accompanied by his son, Jansen Santana. The totally composed and almost graceful delivery of his powerful vocals speaks to the Brazilian legend's 20 years of experience as a percussionist and singer. This recording makes me tingly...

Then came Inês Loubet and band. Peu and Jansen were joined by Julio Castro on bass and Greg Sanders on guitar. The video below goes some way to capturing the tenderness and the joy infused in the music.

Inês' album, Senga, is coming soon. More info on her website:

#3 Eliza Oakes

For fans of: jazz, r'n'b, soul

It's amazing how the manipulation of one person's breath can take another's away. This night the crowd was silent - totally enraptured by Eliza's faultless vocal performance.

I've seen Eliza accompany herself on piano and also perform with a full band (yes, I am a mega-fan). All line-ups are incredible. This stripped-back set with bassist Hugo Piper made for a particularly moving performance and foregrounded Eliza's exceptional vocal talent.

Find out more and sign up for her mailing list here:


For fans of: psych folk

With her gentle melodies, abstract imagery and dreamy stage presence, Amy (aka OMAM DAWN) hypnotises and transports her audience.

If you've not seen Amy yet, you're in luck - she's playing here again at the end of the month.

#5 Ann Liu Cannon

For fans of: singer-songwriter

Ann is not just an exceptionally talented vocalist (listen to that vibrato), but also a skilled and bewitching story teller. I felt hooked on her every phrase.

We host a huge range of music at Morocco Bound - this doesn't event skim the surface. Keep up to date with all the going-ons by following our social media or signing up for our bi-monthly email update:


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