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Morocco Bound In Print!

Last night we celebrated the release of our first art anthology filled with work produced or performed at Morocco Bound: poetry, prose, photography, collage and sketches from our open mic nights, creative writing workshops, art clubs and jazz nights.

We had readings from 13 poets, some of the 30 contributors whose work is included.

Behind the scenes, even more MBers were involved in the project. One was recruited to help carry the 150 copies over from the printer's. Another was the printer. A third spotted us struggling with the boxes and proffered a lift in her car back to the shop. Beep beep.

Photo interlude...

The Launch

The Team

The three of us began this project because we compelled to bring together and celebrate the talent that we see and hear on a weekly basis at our events. We are consistently amazed by people's self-expression, vulnerability and above all how supportive they are of each other. It's truly a privilege to be part of the unique and lovely little community that's formed around Morocco Bound.

Editors: Frankie Fitch-Bunce & Elsa Kenningham

Designer: Jo Gray

The Performers

Sinchana | dTruth | Simran | Megan | Kimane | Jack | Carmen

Julia | Adam | Carrie | Bethany-Rose | Sandra | Myles | Lydia

The Anthology

Naman Ali | Sandra Benny | Carmen Cardenas | Jack Coyote | Simran Dhillon | dTruth | Megan Ekinsmyth | Frankie Fitch-Bunce | Jo Gray | Maddy Gray | Mario Hamad | Sandu Jayasinghe | Jiaying Liu | Kimane Juneau | Elsa Kenningham | Sinchana Lakshmish | Freddi Miller | Julia Minnear | Lydia Mugge | Keith Mulopo | Judymay Murphy | Sihaam Naik | Mercurial Pearl | Bethany-Rose Robertson | Caitlin Saunders | Carrie Shen | Soogun Shonwe | Sofia Swenson-Wright | Stephen Williams | Adam Williamson

MBIP is available exclusively at Morocco Bound!


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