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A Look Back at May

May had us feeling chipper with Aussie cinema and lots of jazzy gigs.

We also had more life drawing, our debut chess club and the return of comedy night.

Creativity workshop

The founders of The Kiln Lab, Oihane and Sarah, merge their unique background

experiences from neuroscience, psychology, education, creative, and holistic practices to create a unique workshop. The Kiln Lab brought people together to create a special space to reignite creativity from within. Through the medium of words, they developed a series of exercises that will inspire people to reconnect with their creative selves.

Live music

We had really exceptional live music this month, spanning indie, folk, soul, jazz and everything in between.

We'll let the clips speak for themselves...

The Amanna Trio

Adriano Moncada Trio ft. Jess Bullen

Earth Club

It was back, and this time the topic was fast fashion and sustainability.

The panel featured four inspiring women active in a range of spheres:

  • Elisa de Pasquale, founder of Slow Fashion Movement UK

  • Rachel Sheila Kan, Eco System architect

  • Ingrid Lung, co-founder of Treun House Atelier

  • Emily Muir, sustainable fashion content creator

Earth Club will be back next month to discuss guerrilla gardening ("the act of gardening – raising food, plants, or flowers – on land that the gardeners do not have the legal rights to cultivate, such as abandoned sites, areas that are not being cared for, or private property.") Sign up through the link in our linktree below.

Book Club

This month's book club was a bit random. Co-host Elsa's Granny (hi I'm writing this lol) had recommended Jackie Kay, who is first and foremost a poet. Her debut novel, Trumpet, a story about the death of a fictional transgender jazz musician Joss Moody, struck a chord (ha ha) with its progressive understanding of gender, performativity and modern ideas about identity. We were divided over whether the writing style was a hit (ha ha), with some of us finding the descriptions of grief moving and moments amusing, but others finding that characters lacked nuance and ultimately fell a little flat (ha ha). 🎺


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