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Meet Our Brewers: Partizan

Partizan was founded in 2012 and we've been guzzlin' their brews ever since. Their double dry-hopped pale ale, Dee Dee (below in the pale yellow can) was our best-seller of 2020.

About Partizan

Drawing from a mixture of traditional and modern beer styles, Partizan are all about championing diversity. They regularly introduce new seasonal brews (always exciting when we get our hands on them!) but have a staple collection of crowd-pleasing classics. Always in their gorgeous packaging designed by Alec Doherty.

Elsa's favourite

I'd dare to say that this might be my favourite lager in the shop (although don't hold me to that, it's like picking a fave child), Partizan's Lager Unfiltered is actually brewed with a yeast from the oldest brewery still operating in the world, just north of Munich. German yeast combined with Slovenian hop (Bobek) makes for a light, delicate beer that is still super flavourful.

A great pick if you're new to the world of craft, you're overheating, or if you can't handle the wild flavours of some of these modern IPAs and sours (😝).

Partizan are based on The Mile, towards the Southwark Park end. They were one of the founders of the modern Bermondsey beer scene. We stan 'em.


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