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Interview for Flip!

We are delighted to be featured in the UAL x Penguin zine, Flip!, now live online, with a print zine in the works.

Courtney Kelly caught Elsa and Jo to discuss community building, our latest publication and why we think independent bookshops have prevailed against big wigs Am*zon and W*terstones. Plus a bit on the importance of inclusion and openness... and finally an official excuse for our hand-written signage!

The Flip! zine is all about community in South London, so we touched on our recent publication, Morocco Bound In Print (more on that here) which we put together in an attempt to consolidate some of the connections and creativity that have emerged within the space.

It goes without saying that Cal and all other previous MB team members have contributed to the hospitable and creative energy for which Morocco Bound celebrated.


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