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'Mandate: Thirteen' Book Launch

This weekend we hosted the launch party for Joseph J. Dowling's debut novel: dystopian thriller Mandate: Thirteen, published by Manta Press.

The night began with mingling, to the backing track of Joe's personal playlist featuring classic and math rock. This was broken up by a dramatic reading from the book by Ed Hobson, who recorded the audiobook. The crowd included a little dog, who was very well behaved despite finding the concept of the novel a bit scary.

About Mandate: Thirteen

In a world with dwindling birth-rates, all young women must submit to compulsory fertility checks at thirteen. For those able to conceive, a docile existence inside the Birthing Schools beckons - or far worse if they fall into the wrong hands. When the clandestine Baby Farmers, and their brutal leader Miko, arrive to snatch his daughter, Michael must make a split-second choice: risk his own freedom to protect hers… or lose her forever.

Mandate: Thirteen is now available in store. Learn more about Joseph Dowling here.

Our thanks to Gary Lee for the photographs


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